Holistic Dimensions Testimonials

Holistic Dimensions Testimonials

Bob, Schaumburg IL. Sandhya I have not felt this good in YEARS. Amazing, simply, amazing, thank you.

Melody, Inverness, IL, Sandhya you are 25% massage therapist and 75% healer. I’m so glad you do what you do. Thank you.

Dr. Steve H., California.
Sandhya is a World Class healer. She will work with you where you need the work. She really knows how to find the spots that need to be worked out.

Deborah C., Schaumburg, IL. 
I told my children, “We’re going to have to put a sign up in the front lawn and sell the house. I can’t work anymore.”  My 25+ years in the hair dressing field seemed surely over.  My right arm strength was so “gone” I could barely lift it. Do hair? Couldn’t see how anymore. I didn’t know what else to do. Then Sandhya said, “hold on, lets see what’s going on here…” She treated me and after 2, yes only 2 treatments, I was FULLY functional again my arm was once again as it always had been. Now it just seems like a bad memory. I’m so grateful, thanks Sandhya.

Claudia E. Rockford, IL.
There aren’t too many people who do what you do. I feel so much better. Would you work on my daughter too?

Marsha D. Schaumburg, IL.
I hurt my knee while working out with my trainer. He was concerned. I told him, “don’t worry, I’m going to see Sandhya. She will pull out her manual, figure out what’s going on and fix it”

Pauline P. Northwest Chicago Suburbs
I could hardly move my neck. Now it feels much better. Thank you.

Dawn B., Inverness, IL.
I went to [a large spa] and was so disappointed. I am really glad to get one of your wonderful massages. I missed you. I feel healed on so many different levels. Thank you.

Kim M. Schaumburg, IL.
The car accident. You did an amazing job on my neck. You’re great at what you do. Thank you.

Dianne K., Inverness, IL.When my husband returned home after his massage, his edginess was gone. Instead he had “rounded his corners”, seemed softer, easier to be with.  He told me that he felt better than he had felt in a very long time.

Larry T., Schaumburg, IL.
Sandhya, I understand you now. I get what you are about, your passion and the excellence in your work. I’m glad there are therapist like you working in this field. God Bless you.

Tracey C., Inverness, IL. 
“… after weeks of pain my neck feels great, the pain is gone. I’m getting it. The mind, body, spirit thing. I’m glad I can start working on other things now that my neck feels great again.”

Jo Ann P., Schaumburg, IL. 
Let’s just say I’m older than 55. 🙂 I have had hundreds of massages across the years. When I was 37 I was in a bad car accident and that started my massage experience with quite a few therapists. I was not able to take pain medication, so massage was prescribed at three times per week. It’s less now of course, and finally I found Sandhya, at Holistic Dimensions. Her techniques, the depth of her understanding about the individual needs of her patient’s bodies and the expert training she continues to seek out, have made my treatments by her the very best I have ever had. I appreciate her vast skill, her honesty, her maintaining patient confidentiality, her humor, and the respect she to those she cares for. If you haven’t had a massage by Sandhya, you have not experienced the Very Best. Gratefully, Jo Ann P.

Lisa S., Long Grove. IL.
My experience with Sandhya Matthews is that she listens intently and that, combined with her vast storehouse of knowledge, expert skills, and her sensitivity to her client’s feeling states is very healing. Through her work and techniques, I was able to let go of some emotional baggage so that I had lots more energy for the next few days. She is both focused and very passionate about her work, constantly attending workshops and seminars to improve her skills and augment her knowledge base in the healing arts. You can’t go wrong with Sandyha; she’s is an exceptional healer.

Dr Dana Matthews-Hollandsworth Schaumburg IL  If you need something done, something worked out, see Sandhya, at Holistic Dimensions, she will get it done.

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